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held the first Sat of every month, November thru May

 from 9 to Noon.    
It's a snow or shine market, but....if we have an ice storm or impending blizzard we advertise a blizzard date which is the following Saturday.

we have openings for Feb thru May markets. for an application and guideliness send your product offerings and request to

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Breakfast & Lunch

Hot coffee, juice and breakfast sandwiches are available.    A changing menu of soups and/or casseroles are offered for lunch.  Meal sales  help defray fuel costs for heating  the hall for the market.

Vegetable, Fruit & Staples

In cooperation with Merrimack County Conservation District, a table of produce from local farms is being offered for sale at the market.  Items such as  rice, oats, King Arthur bread flour and frozen tilapia  are also bought in bulk and available for purchase.

 2023-2024  Vendors

Danbury Ranch Nov-May

DSigns by DS - Nov, Jan thru May

Susan Gazda- Dec-May

Gamboa Family- Dec-May

Connoly Family- Dec & May

Roland Davide- Jan-May

Dot England- Nov, Dec, Jan

Krisanswers- Dec

Kat Tumbler-Dec, Feb, March, April

Nicoles Soap- Dec, Feb

The Danbury House- Dec

The Shepards- Nov & Dec

Hibernating Artists- Dec, Feb, March

The Sock Lady- Feb-April

Heart of the Forest Farm Nov, Jan thru  May

Huntoon Farm -Nov thru May

Mary Lyn Ray -  Nov & Dec

Offabit Farm- Nov-Jan, Mar & April

Nancy's Chocolates- Nov thru April

RJM woodworks- Jan thru May

Barbie's Decadent- Nov-Feb

Piper Brook - Nov, Dec & May

There will be no online market this season.  Contact individual vendors should you wish to order in advance.

We have vendor opportunities.
We are definately in need of a  vegetable farmer.
We are a managed market,working to match customer demand with product availability.  therefore even though we have spaces available this spring, vendors with duplicate products might not be accepted.  Table options

Table spaces are, four or eight foot spaces by 4.5 feet deep upstairs.  One 8 foot space is available downstairs on the existing dining room tables.  Lunch and breakfast is served downstairs.  Markets are rain or shine with a  blizzard date for the 2nd sat of the month.  Items must be made grown or produced by the vendor.  Tables may be shared however both parties must submit and be approved for the market.
For an application to join our market, please email 

Mission Statement--to support local farms and businesses , improving the local economy and connecting consumers and businesses in our historic grange hall.

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All our vendors must make, grow or  produce all items they offer in order ot be a vendor at our market.

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