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Grangers are interested in rural concerns and helping the community be a better place to live.  Grangers see good in their fellow beings and want be good neighbors and stewards.  Many of them are  share an interest in farming, gardening, sustainability  and supporting local farms  and businesses .  From this,  developed the Danbury Winter Market, now in its 14th  season. ​

There are a also variety of community service projects that are available for those wishing to help others and the sky is the limit with the leadership and interest in a new project. 


 Danbury has a beautiful grange hall that is rich in history and  heritage.  Keeping that building  and our creamery building across the street in good repair is also a top priority.

join us if this sounds like you

Annual dues are $35/year

New in 2018 is an active member discount... if our members  cook, volunteer or in some way support our grange throughout the year, there is a $15 credit towards annual dues.  Members that have belonged to the grange for 50 years are also entitled for this discount.  

We also have a list of people that do not pay dues but are folks that we know we can call on for help when needed...It might be making something for a supper or grange fair or helping to move tables for an event.  These people are our FOGGERS-- Friends of the Grangeers and they also help the cause..  

Get Involved

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